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Our team of accounting professionals has expertise and experience across a wide spectrum of Guernsey business sectors including financial services, profssional services and commercial entreprise. This enables us to take a more holistic view of our clients' operations and to develop a chesive understanding of their specific business model and needs.


Business planning


We can help you with many aspects of your business planning, from monthly of your performance against budget through to creating business models that can help create medium to long-term financial plans.


The range of business planning services we offer include:


  • Business plans

  • Budgeting, cash flow forecasts, projections, modelling

  • Product mix analysis

  • Key performance indicators

  • Feasibility studies

  • Bank presentations

  • Valuations


Business processes


In addition to the more traditional accounting services, AG Accounting is uniquely positioned to provide a high degree of computer expertise not provided by our competitors. We can therefore offer assistance in project management,  systems installations, and day-to-day process implementation.


Business planning services include:


  • System & controls design

  • Stock control & debtor management

  • New start-up help and advice

  • IT consultancy and accounting systems advice

  • Report writing

  • Automation and efficiency

Business advisory

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