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Guernsey Accounting aims to support business owners who wish to concentrate fully on the running of their business while we deal with the financial management and the related pressures placed on any business owner.


Whether you are a sole trader, just starting out or already have a well-established business, we can provide you with the tools to maximise the potential returns from your business in the most efficient manner.


The benefits of handing these responsibilities to a third party and concentrating on the business’s core services are not hard to appreciate. However, the benefits are not all related exclusively to cost.


  • Continuity - an outsourcing company can deliver seamless service provision through economies of scale often impossible to guarantee from its in-house equivalent;


  • Knowledge – a business has access to a wider knowledge and experience-base via a third party company; within a financial management context, accurate forecasting and budget projections can assist a business in its strategic planning and enables a business owner to make informed decisions;


  • Efficiency – outsourcing some of these back-office functions means that key staff can concentrate on core business;


  • Value-added – a third party provider can become part of the team bringing invaluable additional input into the business planning process;


  • Cost – whilst savings are not always guaranteed, outsourcing will normally deliver real bottom-line savings; improved efficiencies and reduction of ancillary staff costs being obvious examples.

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